Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A zoo story - One scene play

A zoo story 

Adam: A man in his early forties, with a fit body, good looking face and short and a little messy hair. He wears a bright colored polo, khaki pants and shining leather shoes.
Eve: A woman in her late thirties, with a fit body, good looking face and straight blonde hair down to the middle of her back. She wears a white shirt tucked in a khaki skirt with black heels. 

The scene
The stage has medium light, focusing slightly off center, where a table and two chairs are placed. The rest of the stage is dark. 
[At the beginning, Adam is sitting on one of the chair by the table, hands holding the old news paper and drinking his coffee. Eve enters.] 

Eve: Good morning honey, how did you sleep?
Adam: Hey...pretty...fine.
Eve: You O.K? [Giggle] Did the bobcats next door bother you again?
Adam: Apparently. I guess it's the season. I heard they plan to have kids soon.
Eve: They're smart.
Adam: Want some “attention”, yeaa [still looking at the newspaper.]
Eve: Hey...hmm...
Eve: Hmmm...honey...never mind...
Adam: You O.K?
Eve: Yes, yes of course.
Adam: What's wrong? Tell me Eve!
Eve: No no no, it's nothing really, nothing much.
Adam: Well, O.K then.
Eve: Actually, did you hear about the family that just moved in last month?
Adam: The one from Australia. Yea, I talked to the dad a few weeks ago; he has the funniest accent. [Adam puts down the newspaper and copies the accent] 
Eve: Isn't he really nice?
Adam: Oh yea, Mr.Mussop he's really cool although he seems very into fish.
Eve: That's good. Well, his wife asked me to come over to see their new born baby. 
Adam: What a sweet woman. How was he?
Eve: Oh my god, he has got to be the most adorable thing on earth. His nose was peachy and always moving. He was so small that he couldn't open his eyes. And his skin was so soft that I just want to touch it all day.
Adam: Aww, how cute. Wait, they already had a baby? It has been only three weeks. Such a productive family.
Eve: Yes, and everyone is coming for them. They are receiving all kinds of attention. I was there for only half an hour and already joined in hundreds of pictures. And us...[start sobbing]     
Adam: No no no honey, not again [Adam comes behind her chair and put his arms around her]
Eve: What do you mean not again? You have no idea what I'm going through. I am a mother too. Remember how they used to come visit us every hour. Now I am worthless, absolutely worthless. (Eve shouted) Do you understand?
Adam: Honey, please calm down.
Eve: No, you don't understand.
Adam: Honey, think about John, Mary, Lisa, Nick, Jason, Lisa, Caro, Peter, Christ, Jessie and Mini, our wonderful children. Aren't they enough? 
Eve: I love them too
Adam: Yes honey, they're doing well all over the world.
[Eve sobs quietly and slowly wipes her tears.]
Adam: You see
Eve: I still feel like garbage since they started ignoring us. The only thing we receive is some milk, some beef, some bananas, some ipods and some gold - all garbage, to make us garbage too. Don't you realize that? 
[Adam pulls out a box of cigarettes from his polo pocket.]
Eve: Now, don't even think that will stop me from stating the facts here.
[Adam lights one cigarette and starts smoking.]
Eve: I'm sick of them, sick of you.
[Adam keeps smoking and Eve just stares at him for 2 minutes straight, in silence]
Eve: Honey, what do you want for dinner today?
Adam: Didn't you say they gave us some beef? Why don't you make steak tonight? And the left over salad, we can eat that too.
Eve: But we have beef everyday.
Adam: Well, I live with you everyday.
Eve: Are you saying you want to get out of here? You're saying you're sick of me already?
Adam: [Chuckles] Steaks sound good for tonight.
[Silence for a minute, Adam is back with his newspaper] 
Eve: Is there anything new in it, hun?
Adam: Obama won the election again, researchers did experiments on aliens, Russia invented bio-weapons, NASA is ready for migration... 
Eve: So yesterday.
Adam: Well, what do you expect?
Eve: Why do you even keep that piece of paper? It has been almost a decade.
Adam: Yeah...

[The stage starts to lighten, still ambiguous, but brighter than before. It reveals the background  which includes a short wall behind a table with a clock, a painting and a window. Behind the wall is outdoor scene with blue sky and trees. Far away in the background are some cages. A zoo scene.
A sequence of sound comes from a speaker. Both Adam and Eve looked up, a little confused as trying to understand what it is announcing.]

Eve: 86*F, 3,500 visitors. Hope we will get some today. 

[A bar with a label on it saying “Humans” is then slide onto the stage, right in front of Adam and Eve. The couple fixes their clothes.]


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