Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Laurie Anderson Show

I did not expect Laurie Anderson to be so casual and friendly like that at all.

In my opinion, great artists usually are eccentric and different from the crowd because they need to live in their own world to create their own visions like in their art. However, Laurie Anderson is like the connection between the art world and our real world. The only difference about her is her perspective and how she transfer that perspective that she has into something we call art.

Because I know her through Lucian's presentation, especially through the O Superman piece, I expected her new work to somewhat associate with new sound/music technologies. That's why I thought it was really interesting when she began to read to us some of her stories. They all started out with some humor and friendliness but ended up giving us a chill, like the story about her childhood when she had to stay at the hospital. That was when I found the serious Laurie Anderson that I observed from O Superman.

I also found it very interesting when Laurie told us stories about how came up with ideas for art. Her fantasy about the dog concert was HILARIOUS. I'm so glad we're using that name for our show.
She made me think about how simple art could be, how it can come from everywhere, even the weirdest things.

Thank you for letting us know about the show, Sandy.

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  1. So glad we were able to witness such a special event! Am happy you got so much from her. I was completely inspired, too. It was a very unusual event-- to be able to get to know the artist as a real person -- I agree. Very wonderful!